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For over 20 years Opticables Pty Ltd has distributed Optical Fibre Cables and Passive  Components to the Australian Industrial, Commercial Electrical and Telecommunications industries.

Opticables Pty Ltd stocks various bulk cables & components in Sydney and supply Australia wide.

These being 

  • LZSH Tight Buffered Optical Fibre Cables
  • Loose Tube Optical Fibre Cables  
  • ​Steel Tape Armoured Optical Fibre Cables 
  • OS2 Singlemode, OM1 Multimode , OM3 Multimode
  • Pig Tails
  • Splice On Connectors
  • Adapters - LC - SC - ST - SC/APC etc 
  • Fibre Rack Units & Wall Mount Fibre Termination Boxes
  • Underground Optical Fibre Enclosures

Opticables can also assist with companies that terminate and test Optical Fibre Networks.